Quick Step to a Business Twitter Account

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Love it or hate it, Social Media is a key business tool for most small businesses these days. img_20151125_194430.jpg

In the first of our ‘Social Media Instructional Guides’ we discuss Twitter, possibly the simplest & quickest tool to start with.

Twitter is an excellent tool to:

  • get the message out there
  • stay ahead of what’s going on in your market place
  • refine your brand
  • network with other like minded businesses, sector or customers
  • engage with people – potential new customers
  • use an effective tool which is cheap (your time is all it costs)
  1. Choose a profile name

This is the account name you’ll be known by on Twitter. Try to keep your social media account names as similar as possible. Unfortunately sometimes your chosen name will be taken, like ours, so I chose @remorainfo to match our email address.

  1. Add a profile photo

It is often debated whether to use an actual photo of yourself or not; or something representing your business. Either way, it needs to be something people will identify with.

Your profile picture is displayed every time you post a Tweet, so you will want to differentiate your Tweets from the rest.

  1. Complete your Bio

There are only 160 characters to capture what you do & what your business is about, so think carefully.

Write some examples of bios and ask for feedback from friends to ensure you have one that is interesting and attracts attention.

This is an interesting article you may find useful: Bio Ideas

Remember that people choose to follow you on Twitter and this can often be on the strength of your bio – so make it attention grabbing!

  1. Add your website address

There is a space on Twitter to add your website and this is an opportunity for people to find out more about you & your services. If you do not have a website, use the space to link to your LinkedIn profile, Blog, or business Facebook page (Anywhere you have information on line about you & your business).

You can change the header & aesthetics of the page, but otherwise your account is now set up. Now for the next steps..

  1. Start following

As with most marketing tools, Twitter isn’t just there for you to market your products or services; it is a valuable networking and research tool.

So start following some people… accounts with a similar line of business to you; organisations that represent your industry; people who do business in the same ‘world’ as you.

Tip: A great place to start is to look at Twitter accounts of competitors or colleagues and see who they follow.

  1. Start Tweeting

Now to introduce yourself to the world of Twitter by Tweeting!

  • Make your Tweets simple – short Tweets have been shown to engage more effectively
  • Ask people for responses or to take action “What’s your preference, Strawberry or Chocolate Cake?”
  • Look at relevant trend topics & engage, to boost your exposure
  • Reply to other Tweets that are relevant
  • Use #tags correctly – use targeted words
  • Remember to use a conversational tone – where the (current) 140 characters allow
  • Use visuals where possible to accentuate your message – these are shown to engage more
  • Remember to re-tweet other relevant Tweets – you may even gain a new follower
  1. Check who is responding and replying to you

This is really important. You will want to keep an eye on who is talking to you and about you. Just remember Twitter is a conversational tool, do make sure it is two-way.

  1. New Followers

It’s up to you, but personally, I always like to thank new followers with a personal Tweet to them. If at some point you get too many, then perhaps a weekly or monthly ‘Thanks for the follow’ message? Again it reinforces the relationship you have with others.

There you go … enjoy Twitter

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